Dead of night in Arcadia no creature casts a shadow (among the stars)

DTK Prosjektgalleri | 9. – 19. november 2023

Julio J. Fernandes da Silva

Artist Statement

Between my body and earth there was always a deep identity, either as small forests of parsley in the kitchen garden to the masses of oceanic fury over the cliffs, where I was raised. My work is an appropriation of the surrounding matter re-created in two levels : the macrocosm of the sublime immensities and the microcosm of the infinite small, both manifested in the format used and the subject focused.
It is nature re-created to our image and similitude and we inside it, a polarizer of our aesthetical feelings. If I imagine the revelations of matter, soon a myriad of sensations would invade my being. Sensations I lived from my first gesture, sensations I reflected over life meaning and existence, memories, now in creation present tense, as a conscience of forms identity and body action.
Painting consists in, feeling the strokes and the colour materials as an initiation to a high level of conscience, not an expression of territoriality and futile communication. The conceptual realms involved in the act of painting and seeing are digested through practical work and thorough investigation.
I believe that the work of art has no time, therefore no space. It runs in the time-space of our historic conscience. The no-time of creative actions, where we find the signs and build the meanings.

Julio J. Fernandes da Silva, 2023

Júlio J. F. da Silva er opprinnelig fra Cascais i Portugal, men bor og arbeider på Stabekk i Bærum. Han er utdannet ved Ar.Co Fine Arts College i Lisboa, Goldsmiths i London, og Universitetet i Lisboa. Han er rektor og lærer ved Det Tverrfaglige Kunstinstitutt i Bærum (DTK).

Utstillinger (utvalg): LNM galleri, Oslo; Boa galleri, Oslo; Bærum Kunsthall; Tegne forbundet, Oslo; Centro Cultural S.Paulo, Brasil; Paraxo Biennale, Italy; F15, Moss; Caldas de Rainha, Portugal; IKM, Oslo; Centro Cultural de Cascais, Portugal; Art gallery Berlin AM, Germany; Contemporary Art Museum, Guimaraes, Portugal

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