Hunter’s Lullaby

Utstilling DTK prosjektgalleri – 16. – 26. februar 2023

Artist Statements

Billie Tackwell

Photography is how I started out on my creative journey. I work mainly with the polaroid, camera and film. I love the glossiness, the “instantness”, and the unpredictability of the polaroid.

I have the past two years gone up in size and started to use an 8 x 10 camera and film. The unpredictability is still there, and the making of something out of what is.

Simplicity, clearness, sharp edges, black, space, irregular forms.

Hilde Kristine Karlsen 

I work in diverse media (drawing, painting and sculpture) which I process and manipulate until I achieve the desired result.

Use of shape and color is economical. The series in the exhibition are built on the contrast between dark/light, and open and closed form.

Usually there are several hundred in series. In that way I can explore material both pictorially and conceptually.

Artist CV

Billie Thackwell

Born in England. She lives and works in Oslo, Norway. She i educated at the, Interdisciplinary Art Institute i Bærum (DTK), Oslo Natioanal Academy of the Arts, Oslo Drawing and Painting School and Napier University in Edeniburgh.

Exhibitions (selected)

London Art Biennale; Albin Art, Oslo; Menier Gallery, London; Society of Scottish Artists, (130 Years Exhibition) Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh; Gallery Vulkan, Oslo; Forbundet Frie Fotografer, Olso; Trondheim Art Association; Oslo Open.

Link: instagram | website

Hilde Kristine Karlsen

Hilde Kristine Karlsen (1977) is educated at the Interdisciplinary Art Institute i Bærum (DTK).

Exhibitions (selected)

She has, among other, had solo exhibitions at Lille Stasjonsgalleriet, Gjøvik; Kaffka Kafe, Gjøvik; and participated in a group exhibitions at Galleri 39, Bærum and DTK prosjektgalleri, Bærum.

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