I want to be…

a childhood’s dream

Rui Dias | a project with the students of DTK

About the Project

The exhibition “I want to be…” shows photographic works based on childhood dreams and wishes.
The project is a collaboration between the DTK students and photo teacher Rui Dias.

The art (and craft) of “little big” dreams is fun.

Freezing a childhood’s dream in funny frames was the challenge accepted by the DTK Photography students.The main focus was composition and the making of a dream in a studio setting.
Dreams were shared. This was a personal and collective project that brought us together.

The students involved

The photographers

Adam Nyri
Alma Orecevic
Ana Pessoa e Costa
Cathrine Mikkelsen Lauring
Cristina Dagestad
Esther Sandstrøm
Eva Mathiesen
Hilde K. Engel Bredal
Ida Marie Fjeld Hansen
Inger Edvinsen
Isak Mathisen Hansen
Kirsten Moe
Linda Edvardsen
Marianne Hasselberg
Marius Funnemark
Monica Hagstrøm Schjerven
Pia Pauanne
Rhea Hovden
Rina Neimi
Sonja Kluge-Berge
Tommy Aashildrø

The models and their childhood dreams

Adam Nyri | Inventor
Alma Orecevic | Actress
Ana Pessoa e Costa | Pilot
Annica Fosli | Chimney sweeper
Beata Daria Kubecka | Paleontologist
Camilla Zachriassson | Artist
Cathrine Mikkelsen Lauring | Ballet dancer
Cristina Dagestad | Opera singer 
Esther Sandstrøm | Artist
Eva Mathiesen | Hat maker
Hilde Engel Bredal | Professional swimmer
Ida Marie Fjeld Hansen | Film director
Inger Edvinsen | Fashion designer
Isak Mathisen Hansen | Doctor
Julio Da Silva | Priest
Kirsten Moe | Detective
Lilja Sightvatsdottir | Indian
Linda Edvardsen | Librarian
Margarida Paiva | Vetenarian
Mari Sagrusten | Jedi
Marianne Hasselberg | Farmer
Marius Funnemark | Princess
Marta Teresa Hagen | Artist
Marta Morais | Marcel Lupin
Monica Hagstrøm Schjerven | Doctor
Nicoleta Eiden | Tailor
Nina Møyner Lund | Peace maker
Pia Pauanne | Artist
Rina Neimi | Artist
Rhea Hovden | Motor rider
Rui Dias | Pilot
Rus Mesic | Pinoccio
Sara Lucas | Fashion designer
Sonja Kluge-Berge | Fidel Castro
Stine Didrksen | Archeologist
Tommy Aashildrød | Indiana Jones
Birgitte Bjelland | Indian

Rui Dias | The teacher

“This exhibition was born from a challenge I launched to my photography students, last year and this year. The idea was to find out the childhood dream of all DTK students and teachers and photograph them, in a studio environment, recreating those dreams. And using only a 50mm lens.
Imagination, creativity and good humor were the essential ingredients.
The challenge was accepted, the dreams shared and now we are the ones to share the results. And I can’t be more proud.
The exhibition includes also the students final annual project.”

Rui Dias

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