Carll Goodpasture

We received this amazing feedback from Carll Goodpasture and Gro Heining about our Semesterutstilling we proudly share with you.


“Congratulations – best DTK exhibitions yet.

Gro and I were tremendously inspired and excited to see and experience this body of work — in its totality. We were surprised by the “wholeness” within tremendous diversity. For example, the use of print media: my goodness, your students are red hot! Again, technical and creative competence in the DKT school environment has seemingly reached a new high.

I’m totally blown away.

Also, we had good conversations with several students eager to share and deservedly proud of their accomplishments. All in reflection of an outstanding teaching effort and talent.

I understand that you now have 40 students.


Oh, and much appreciation for the archival room.

And, as you said, I can see inspiration from my toy camera pueblo work in some students work. The pueblo, our pueblo, would be astonished.

You have created a unique work of artistic environment.

Absolutely enthralled by a few pieces in homage to insects!

Several using ink jet printing skilfully and on appropriate paper.

Delighted to see coordinated response to specific lessons responding to what I assume are guest teachers.  I could go on.

Just to say, school exhibitions seldom evidence “speaking, and thinking in wholeness”.

I felt strongly that mentors and students are communicating as if a symphony in tune with its intention.


Yours truly

In admiration

Carll and Gro”

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